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April 30 - May 6, 2018
The Woodlands Country Club Tournament Course The Woodlands, TX

Pro-Am Results

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  • UnitedHealthcare Pro-Am — Tuesday

  • 1st place UnitedHealthcare:
    Professional Jay Don Blake
    John Bock
    John Sommer
    John McCaleb
    Jimmy Jung

    2nd place Sutton Ventures
    Professional Blaine McCallister
    Joe Sutton
    Jason Frazer
    Alan Wright
    Phil Garner

    3rd place UnitedHealthcare
    Professional Glen Day
    Andy Martinez
    Michael Avenovoli
    Corbin Cooke
    Brian Citro

  • Woodforest National Bank Championship Pro-Am — Wednesday

  • 1st Place CareerBuilder:
    Professional John Daly
    Brendan Courtney
    Jason Lovelace
    Steve Wright
    John Smith

    2nd Place Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Professional Corey Pavin
    Lee Williams
    Justin Riley
    Max Belousov
    Chris Case

    3rd place CareerBuilder
    Professional Blaine McCallister
    Dave Phillips
    Kyle Braun
    George Bajalia
    Andrew Streiter

  • Woodforest National Bank Championship Pro-Am — Thursday

  • 1st place Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands:
    Professional John Daly
    Bob Milner
    Jason Frazer
    Jay Knighton
    Ray Larson

    2nd place Hewlett Packard Enterprise:
    Professional David Frost
    Michael Warbiany
    Pete Raustein
    Vince DeLuca
    Woody Williams

    3rd place UnitedHealthcare:
    Professional Duffy Waldorf
    Shane Kroeplin
    Pete Gruenberg
    John Clark
    Dan Gowen

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